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Deck: Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray and Lily Moses.


Persephone & Hades altar

My eyes kept being drawn to my pomegranate and prayer beads I have for Persephone & Hades. It happened just before Imbolc, and I would find myself looking at them, on their little shelf nearest to the floor… but I got distracted and thought no more of them. Then on Imbolc I was drawn to them again, and that day I saw two completely random articles related to Persephone and Hades respectively. I took the hint, finally.

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When you’re not sure anymore, and you just need to trust

There are times when we think we know what we’re doing, and big shifts come in and we’re left inspired but stuck too. It’s as if we’ve received a light, but we’re not sure how to keep hold of it or put it to use. It can leave us stuck in inaction as we try to work things out. It feels like we’ve made a breakthrough, and yet we are frozen in place because we’re not sure how to procede.

There’s a time where all we want to do is forge ahead and start on this new journey, but we just don’t know how. We end up sitting in a place of non-action because the way ahead isn’t clear yet. That flash of inspiration or guidance is great, but what do we do with it?

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New prayer beads & Scarab available – Ancient Egyptians and Ladybirds!

I have two new sets of prayer beads available from my Etsy shop.

The first set are for the Egyptian Deities. The main stone is Lapis Lazuli, with golden glass beads and a golden Ankh pendant (lead, nickel and cadmium-free). I’m also going to be making a variation with red beads instead of the golden ones, inspired by the Ancient Egyptians’ love of Carnelian.

The second set came about because of the Ladybirds wintering in my bedroom. I was reminded of some glass beads I bought on a whim nearly three years ago (!) and I remembered some people link Ladybirds with Freyja. Ladybirds were known as “Freyja’s hens”, and some connect their name (Lady-birds) with Freyja’s title of “Lady”. So Freyja has a set of Ladybird prayer beads available now!

This lovely vintage faience Scarab Beetle is also looking for a new home.

A couple of updates:
– I have updated the page on here about my Etsy shop –
– I’ve decided to continue with my Facebook page. The links prior to December need updating, but I still enjoy sharing different posts about archaeology finds and discoveries on there, as well as interesting articles I find online.

NOTE: Prayer beads design (c) Michelle Thereze, 2018

Friday Finds: Imbolc 2019

Here are some of my favourite finds from Etsy for Imbolc:

Imbolc embroidery hoop and embroidered Brighid doll by Hedgecraft House (Poland)

Various needle felt Goddess Brighid dolls by Felted Awesome (USA)

Full Moon Eclipse oracle card reading – January 2019

The energy for this Full Moon Eclipse is of stepping out of the shadows. There has been a time of hiding away, keeping quiet, staying small or not stepping into the limelight. This time is ending.

Something deep within has been nurtured and growing in the dark of the inner realms, and now it’s time to break the surface. There’s been a conflict inside, and enough is enough. It a time to love yourself, and who you truly are, and allow yourself to emerge from the chrysalis. The caterpillar is no more; the butterfly is struggling to free itself from the cocoon. Too long have an inner dialogue or the words of others determined how you should proceed. Staying small or hidden away no longer serves, and its time to step into the light of day. Your star is ready to ascend but you have to believe you’re capable.

Take courage. Hold yourself in compassionate arms, and let go and release the inner conflicting the outer. Something in you needs to bloom, and you have the strength to make it happen. You just need to believe.

It’s time to release the thoughts and mind-wheels of self-doubt and lack of belief. Love all of You enough to allow it to emerge. Something in the roots of your heart and soul is waiting to be let loose. Stop constricting yourself. Believe you can and you will. It’s time to let go and move forward. Take a leap of faith and let what’s within emerge.

Michelle Thereze, 2019

Card decks used:
– Full Moon card is from the Moon and Swan deck by The Moon Journal.
Angels, Gods and Goddesses by Toni Carmine Salerno.
The Wild Offerings Oracle Deck by Tosha Silver and Katie Daisy.
Flower Petals by Cheralyn Darcey.
– Message cards are my own.

Eclipse Energy – 10 questions for personal exploration during Eclipse Season

Eclipse season is upon us, and the 20th/21st of January will bring the first total eclipse of the year. Eclipse energy can provide the perfect opportunity to get real with ourselves about what we’ve been overlooking… or not wanting to look at. Just as the Sun is eclipsed by the Moon, this symbolism can provide us with a metaphor that acts as a base to really question ourselves and see what needs our attention; to see what’s been overshadowed and needs bringing into the light. So without further ado, here are my Eclipse Exploration Questions for you:

  1. What gifts or abilities do you feel you have to hide away because of how others might perceive them? How do you minimise yourself and keep yourself small? What capabilities do you have that aren’t being put to good use?
  2. What things need to be healed and worked with to bring you more happiness within? What Shadows of your own need healing so your light can shine brighter? What past hurts need to be acknowledged, healed, integrated and let go of? What (or who) do you need to forgive and let go of?
  3. Where do you lack self-love, and how can you be more loving towards yourself? How do you put yourself down? Are you putting time aside for self-care, and if not how can you bring in even a few minutes a day for it?
  4. What habits or behaviours are holding you back from living a healthier, more fulfilled life?
  5. What is no longer working for you, and how can you address this? What things, situations or people are no longer contributing to a happy and healthy life? Where do you need to set firmer boundaries? What no longer feels nurturing, nourishing or fulfilling for you? Where do you hold yourself back instead of speaking up or standing up for yourself and others?
  6. How can you live more in alignment with the things you believe in and value? What are your beliefs values? Where are you living out of alignment with them, and need to change things?
  7. What do you truly need in your life to feel happy and secure? How can you bring them into your life? If you can’t bring the exact thing in, what is similar that you can? Are you valuing those you already have in your life?
  8. What things have you been ignoring, putting off or procrastinating over? What big changes or decisions have you been putting off because of “what if” questions and self-doubt? What have you been putting off because they’re too boring, are hard work or will take a long time?
  9. Are there things you’re spending money on that, if the money were saved and used for something different, could bring you more peace of mind, happiness or fulfillment?
  10. Are there things in your home you no longer want or need that can be decluttered? What is unwanted or unloved that can be donated or sold? What is broken or doesn’t work anymore and needs to be recycled or disposed off? What’s just rubbish or ‘spam’ and needs getting rid of?

I hope you found these helpful. You don’t have to answer them all if you don’t want to. You can see which particular questions you have a reaction to, and that may tell you what most needs your attention at the moment. Let me know if you find them useful!

(c) Michelle Thereze, Enchant The Ordinary, January 2019.
NOTICE: These questions are for personal use only and are not to be reproduced in any form. If you would like to share this post please only include a couple of the questions, and then link back here to the full article. Thank you.

Shared: “Meet the Wandmakers”

I can remember these two gentlemen from when I watched the documentary Harry Potter: A History of Magic last year. Dusty Miller XIII and Dusty Miller XIV have been making wands for generations. They have a lovely approach to their work, and to the Tree Spirits. I came across the clip again recently so thought I’d share it with you.