That which is meant to Be…

Sometimes you get taken far from your Path, and life can take a different turn. Slowly, though, those things you are meant to reclaim begin to return. It can take time – sometimes it feels like an Age – but that which is truly meant for you will always find a way. If you can remain open, allowing the vulnerability of Surrendering to your current course, in time things will start to weave their way back in.

(c) Michelle Thereze, Enchant The Ordinary, October 2019

Photo by Johannes Plenio


Using secondhand items in your Witchy/Pagan/Devotional/Spiritual Practice

ETO - secondhand items pic

(Includes pictures, examples from my own collection, and suggestions further on)

As long as you clean, cleanse and consecrate/charge secondhand items they can become an integral part of your Practice. Aside from giving an item a second chance, buying pre-loved items can help you live more in line with eco-friendly values because they’re not made of new materials. However, always check to see if an item feels right for you, and if it doesn’t then leave it – sometimes the residual energies are really not what you want to be bringing into your sacred space.

Another thing to consider in terms of the energy of previous owners is this: some items have been loved and cherished for many years, and are looking for a new home because the owner has passed away or they no longer fit into someone’s lifestyle. In this case the items can actually have a positive energy imbued in them, and that love can shine through the item. Other times objects can be impulse buys, unwanted gifts, or from a clearance sale. In these cases they’re often brand new and unused, or barely used, and don’t really have much energetic debris to clear. Mostly it’s just the ‘sticky fingers’ of the people who’ve handled them that need to be cleansed.

So what counts as secondhand? Anything that has had a previous owner, or a life where it was used for something else before. You can find these things at: charity shops, garage sales, car boot sales, tabletop sales, secondhand shops, junk yards, online auction sites, local ads, newspaper ads, auctions, freebies on the side of the road, friends’ and relatives’ houses, etc. They can also include things that are passed on, inherited, repurposed and upcycled.

I have been using secondhand items in my own Practice for years, and have found they’ve really enhanced it for me. Mostly I love finding items that are different from what’s widely available. There are some things I’ve repurposed, and others I’ve even given as gifts to my Deities. In fact I love finding pre-loved Pagan/Spiritual items so much I ended up with too many, and that’s how my ‘rehoming service’ (AKA my Etsy shop) was born!

I thought I’d give a few examples of how pre-loved items have benefited my Practice, and maybe it will provide some inspiration for how you can incorporate them too.

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Card Reading for 23rd to 29th September 2019


  • Moon – Take note of Intuitive Messages.
  • Vulture – Nothing is wasted.
  • Seahorse – Watch and wait.
  • “You are loved.”

Crystal: Mangano Calcite

I feel a nurturing space opening up this week, like a cocoon of pale Pink energy coming in to surround you. There’s a strong connection to the Inner Feminine that’s ready to hold space. Just sit with it, be patient, and open up slowly and gently to the messages within. This isn’t a week for massive external shifts; the energies are those of gestating, waiting and being Present. Remember that no time is ‘wasted’ when you are healing your inner world.

Self-love is the key to the Motherly energies coming through this week. It’s a time to Centre, to snuggle up and feel safe. Listen to the voice within that can guide you back to your Heart Centre, and know: “You are loved.” There are things that have happened in the past that may have led you to believe you are less than lovable, but your ARE lovable, and this loving Feminine-energy presence wants you to know that.

Crystal Healing: Mangano Calcite can help to connect to the softness and enveloping ‘hug’ the inner Feminine and Motherly energies are bringing in this week.

Michelle Thereze, Enchant The Ordinary, September 2019

Card decks used:
– Angels and Ancestors Cards by Kyle Gray.
– The Spirit Animal Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid.
– Message cards are my own.

Card Reading for 16th to 22nd September 2019

There may be an opportunity this week to get to grips with certain details that will help you to feel more centred. You may have to take a long, hard look at something, deciding if it is still serving you, or (for others) if it could become something more.

For some a detail may provide the impetus to move forward, leaving you feeling more certain in the direction you’re heading. For others details may allow you to finally let go of something, and you’ll be feeling more steady and centred within.

It’s the little details that matter this week. They’ll either help to settle you in to where you are now, or help you feel more confident in creating a base to move forward from. Clearing the mental clutter can help reveal what lies beneath. There’s an opportunity to become more rooted and centred, more sure and steady within. Some of you may find you can start on your journey with new ventures.

Crystal: Optical Calcite/Iceandic Feldspar was used by the Vikings to see the Sun in cloudy weather, to help with navigation. This week it could be used to part clouds mentally, emotionally or energetically to help you gain better clarity.

Michelle Thereze, Enchant The Ordinary, September 2019

Card decks used:
– Wisdom of the Hidden Realms by Colette Baron-Reid.
– The Spirit Animal Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid.
– Message cards are my own.

Card reading for 9th to 15th September 2019

It’s time to let go of what keeps you from embodying your own inner power. You have so much to give but there are things that still hold you back – old thought patterns, beliefs and behaviours, situations or people that no longer support your way forward or who you’re growing into.

It can be difficult to let go of the known, but perhaps what’s comfortable isn’t supporting who you’re growing into and want to be.

Reconnect with your inner Truth. Reconnect with what makes you You. Reconnect with your Heart and Spirit. Let Deity/ the Universe/ the Spirit Realms/ Whatever you connect to in. Let yourself be led to the Path that is waiting for you. It’s time to take a leap of faith; let go and Surrender.

You can do this, and so much awaits you on this new leg of your journey. Will you take that leap into the Unknown? Don’t wait until circumstances push you into it. Be proactive and take that first step under your own steam. You can do it.

Crystal: Work with Citrine for some Solar Plexus courage and to work with any anxious felings that may come up for you. It’s okay to be nervous when making changes and comtemplating new directions.

Michelle Thereze, Enchant The Ordinary, September 2019

Card decks used:
– Angels, Gods and Goddesses by Toni Carmine Salerno.
– The Spirit Animal Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid.
– Message cards are my own.

Lincoln Steampunk Festival 2019

The Asylum Steampunk Festival became the largest Steampunk gathering in the world this year! While I’m not a Steampunk-er myself I love seeing the creativity and ingenuity on display, and the festival is one of my yearly highlights.

Unfortunately I couldn’t manage to see much this year due to the combination of poor health and record-breaking temperatures. I have fewer photos to share as a result, but I thought I’d upload them for those who are interested.

This lady was great fun – she was really getting into character for photos

Sparkly Gothic fairy 😍

Lavender fairy

I’m a little tea… cup

Britannia and Lion


Steampunk plague doctor

He must have been so hot in that costume.

Steampunk Davros – exterminate!

Photo © Michelle Thereze, Enchant The Ordinary, August 2019

Call on Loki when… 01

Call on Loki when you need help evicting a Fly. Seriously. One of His forms in the myths is the Fly, so why not call on Him for help with Fly-related problems?

When I was at my wit’s end with a particularly meaty specimen I thought of Loki’s tale with the Dwarves and asked Him for help. I’d been chasing the Fly around the room for nearly 10 minutes with the bug catcher (I refuse to squish them), and I’d had enough. It was late at night and I wanted to relax without a massive Fly buzzing around me. I was tired, it was one of the hottest days on record, and I was fed up. I have chronic health conditions and poor sleep can really impact my health. Horse Flies can also give nasty bites that get infected. In sheer desperation I called on Loki for help, and within a few seconds the Fly landed in the perfect place for me to catch it. I let it out of the window and all was well again. I could relax in my bedroom and the Fly got to survive another day. Thank you, Loki!

While some may see this as coincidence I have had enough instances of calling for help and receiving it to believe this was another such case. Calling on Loki for help evicting Flies may not work for everyone, and it does help to have a working relationship with the Deities you call on for assistance. Sometimes they answer, sometimes they don’t.

Always make sure to thank Them when They come through for you. Show your gratitude and appreciation; everyone deserves to be acknowledged for what they do.


For more on the symbolism of Fly you can read this blog post from last year.

© Michelle Thereze, Enchant The Ordinary, August 2019

* *Please note: I do not seek to trivialise Connecting/ working with Deities but to explore different approaches. I am someone who encourages an Individual Practice, but I understand and respect that this may not gel with everyone’s beliefs. I have a great deal of respect and love for the Deities in my life, and my way of expressing that may look different to your own. This particular instance is something that worked for me so I thought I’d share it in case it can help others.**

Musical Mondays: the otherworldly voice of Diana Ankudinova

Diana is a 16 year old from Russia who has an extremely unusual tone and wide vocal range. I came across her completely by accident, but I really like some of her songs. She’s appeared on Russian singing contests for a few years, and I’m going to share my three favourites.

Rechenka – a Russian folk song meaning ‘River’. Her voice and stagecraft really create an otherworldly tale. I love her spin on a traditional folk song.

Wicked Game – originally sung by Chris Isaak but with Diana’s unique twist and low vocal register it becomes a haunting performance piece.

Human – I really wasn’t sure about this one at first but after hearing it a couple more times it’s really grown on me. It’s at the deeper end of her range and at times it seems such a strange contrast between the face and the voice.

Whether you take to her voice or not she definitely has a unique way of expressing herself.


Sometimes transitions can be difficult. Moving from one thing into another doesn’t often happen overnight or even smoothly. Sometimes transitions happen in stages, each one with its own challenges and lessons to learn. Shifts can occur instantly but the actual transition into the next phase can take longer.

It’s okay if you find it difficult. It’s okay if you find it frustrating or want to cry. It’s okay if you don’t quite feel safe, or if you can’t yet see what you’re heading into.

Breathe. Centre. Look into the depths of your Heart and find the warmth of Love that is always hiding inside, even if it seems further down at the moment. You can do this.

Transitions can be difficult sometimes and they don’t always go smoothly, but you just have to wait and Trust. Things will work themselves out in the end, even if it takes longer than you want; even if the terrain gets rough for a while.

Please don’t give up. Sometimes it’s hard, and you need to allow yourself to feel and acknowledge that so you can do something to help yourself. Remember to take care of yourself. Remember to be kind to yourself, and to others around you. You never know what they may be going through.

Trust as much as you can. Love yourself as much as you can… and then some more.

Sometimes transitions can be difficult but they aren’t meant to be the final destination. Have Hope. Cultivate optimism. Trust. You will make it through.

© Michelle Thereze, Enchant The Ordinary, August 2019